White Label Tutorial 1: Getting Started


Hi there! And welcome to our White Label Onboarding Video Series. I hope that by the end of this, you’ll pretty much be an expert in all things White Label on our platform! Now let’s get started.

Authenticating Your Support Email

First things first, in order to gain proper access to your White Label account, you will need to first authenticate your support email. Your support email is important to your white label, because this email will be used for all “automated” messaging that applies to your account. For example, when you add a new client or user to your system, they will be sent an email with the necessary credentials to login. We want to be sure that this message comes from YOUR support email, which is why this authentication step is so important.

If you do not authenticate, then your account cannot be activated — so be sure to do this before anything else.

During the initial setup of your account, you provided us with your support email. To authenticate:

  1. Please go to your support email inbox and look for an email from Amazon.
  2. Once you find the email, please click on the link from Amazon.
  3. Proceed to logging into your account.

And you’re pretty much set! If you are unable to find an email from Amazon, please email our support team at wlsupport@buildfire.com.

Watch the next video in the series here.

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