White Label Tutorial 2: Admin vs Customer Control Panel


Hi again! Welcome back. In this video, I wanted to quickly explain to you the difference between our Admin Control Panel and the Customer Control Panel.

Admin Control Panel


The Admin Control Panel is for administrating. You use this to build the foundation of your business and make decisions affecting all of your apps. The Customer Control Panel is for building. It’s where you go to actually build out your app.

When you log into your White Label account, you’ll be initially taken into the Admin Control Panel. It will have these sections in the sidebar:

  • Help
  • User Management
  • App Management
  • Build Queue
  • Configurations
  • DIY Settings
  • Settings

This is where you administrate all of your apps and manage your white label account’s settings and information.

Customer Control Panel


To access a customer Control Panel:

  1. Go to App Management
  2. Select any app
  3. Click on “Open”

This will take you into that specific app’s control panel. Here, the sidebar sections are:

  • Help
  • Appearance
  • Media Library
  • Home Plugin
  • Plugins
  • Notifications
  • Settings

This is where you, or your customer, can build and app. Every app has its own customer control panel.

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