White Label User Management

The white label user management is where you can create new users and manage existing ones.

  • Roles: App owner vs admin
    • App Owner means they only have access to specified apps
      • Please Note: If you want to add a user to specific apps, you can do so under App Management
    • Admin means they have access to your white label admin account and can make any changes
  • Managing Users
    • Clicking “Reset password” will send them an email with a link to reset their password. It will only be reset once they follow this link and perform the necessary steps to do so
    • Active vs Inactive
      • Active means they can login.
      • Inactive will prevent them from logging in and making any changes
  • Note: In addition to creating app owners in the App Management section, you can also add them to the system while adding or managing an app. If they are not already in the system, you can register them on the spot

IMPORTANT: Whether you reset a password, add a new user, or add a user to an app, the system will automatically send them the corresponding email, so make sure your account details are up to date.

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