White Label Tutorial 7: User Management


Hello and welcome back. In our Admin Control Panel video, I briefly went over how to create a new user. In this video I’ll be reviewing how to do that, as well as go a bit deeper into how to use the User Management section.

User Management


The User Management section is where you’ll go to control all of the customers, clients, and colleagues that were, are, and will be working on your apps.

When you go to the User Management section, you’ll first see a list of all of the users who have access to your apps. Here you can search for a user, sort this list, reset their password, manage their account, and add a new user.

Add a New User


Let me show you how to do this. Click Add New User and then fill out their email, name and whichever app you’d like to give them access to. Their status can be active or inactive and their role can be App Owner or Account Admin.


An App Owner gives them access to one specific app while an Account Admin allows them access to your entire White Label account, thereby controlling all of the apps. If you are watching this video, YOU are an admin. Thus, it is very important to only add someone else as an ADMIN if you are comfortable with them having the same level of system access as you.

Status allows you to deactivate the user in the future if necessary, but is not important for this demonstration. Don’t forget to click Save to save the user. Once you click save, that user will be sent an automated email from your support email address, with the necessary login credentials to access your system. They will now have access to your admin dashboard, or to edit the app that you’ve shared with them.

Resetting the Password

If your user forgets the password to their account, just click on Reset under Reset Password and an email will be sent to their account that will let them create a new password.


If you click on Manage, then here you can make changes to their account, such as their name, email, account status, role, and which apps they can control.


Congrats! You now know how to use the User Management section. I’ve shown you how to add a new user, manage their account, and reset their password. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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