White Label Tutorial 6: App Management


Hi there! Welcome back. In our Admin Control Panel video, I briefly went over how to create an app using the App Management section. In this video, I’ll review that and go over the rest of the section. Let’s get started!

App Management


The App Management section is the control hub for all of your apps. Every app you’ll have ever created, and sold, will all be stored here.

When you first click on App Management, you’ll be taken to a list of all of your apps. You can search for apps by name, creation date, and publishing status. We’ll get to the Open/Clone/Manage section in a bit, but let’s first take a look at how to Add an App.

Add An App


Please make sure you have already created a configuration first, otherwise, you cannot create an app.


If you have, then fill out the App Name and select the Configuration. If not, be sure to go watch our Configurations video on more information on how to create a configuration. If this is your first app, make sure to select a Trial configuration and not a Premium one. Please leave the Bundle ID and Version fields blank, the system will populate one for you.

App Status


App Status can be Active or Inactive.


An Active app is one that works on mobile devices and can be accessed by app owners. An Inactive one does not work and can no longer be accessed. You can use this function to “turn off” an app if someone doesn’t pay you or you would like to deactivate an app.

App Owners


Under App Owners, feel free to enter the email addresses of people who will be collaborating with you on the app. This can be your clients, partners, colleagues, etc. Click Create and now you’re all set with a new app.



Now that we’re back on the main App Management page, lets check out the Open/Clone/Manage section.

If you click Open, then you will be taken to the Customer Control Panel of that specific app, where you can build and make changes to that app. Please watch our Customer Control Panel video for more information.

Clone will allow you to make a copy of that app.


Let’s say you have a client who loves how you had put one app together and wants one exactly like it. Instead of taking all that time to recreate it for them, you can just clone your app! Just click clone and give it a new name and configuration. Don’t forget to delete the previous app owner and input the new one, if this app is for a new client. When you’re done, click Clone. Now you have a copy of that app, ready for you to make the appropriate changes to it in the Customer control panel.

Clicking Manage will allow you to make changes to that app’s configuration, Name, Status, and App Owners.

Now this “Actions” section is a bit more advanced and we don’t have to go over it at this stage. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out to our support team at wlsupport@buildfire.com

And that’s the end of our App Management video! You now know how to create, open, clone, and manage an app. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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