How to Create an Apple Developer Account

Creating an Apple Developer account is not required in order to use our platform. However, if you’d like to have an account linked to your app on the App Store and show the app’s credit to you instead of us, then we recommend signing up for an account.

An Apple Developer Account is $99/year before taxes. This price is subject to change at any time, according to Apple.

Before you create an Apple Developer Account, please make sure you’ve upgraded your app. You can do so by clicking on the green Upgrade button in the top right-hand corner.


To create your Apple Developer account…

1. Go to and click on “Start Your Enrollment”apple dev 1

2. Sign in using an existing Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, click ‘Create Apple ID’ to create oneapple dev 2

3. Read through the agreement, check the check box confirming that you’ve read it, then click dev 3

4. Confirm that your email address, name, and Country location is correct, then select one of the options from the Entity Type dropdown.

5. The Developer name listed on the iTunes App Store is based on the type of account selected from the options below.

Apps published to Individual Developer Accounts will display the name listed on the iOS Developer Account. Apps published to Company/Organization Developer Accounts will display the Company Name entered within the iOS Developer Account.

Individual/Sole Proprietor/Single Person Business:
Individuals or companies without an officially recognized business (company without a Dun and Bradstreet number). This account only allows for a single primary login to be created to the iOS Developer Account. Also, the developer name that will be made public (on the app store) will be your First and Last name. If you would prefer a business name to show as your developer name, you will need to setup your account as a Company/Organization.

Legally recognized Companies with a Dun and Bradstreet number can select this option. This will allow multiple user logins to be created and managed with varying permissions capabilities for each login. See here to check if your company is a legal recognized company with a Dun and Bradstreet number. Also, you will have the flexibility of selecting your developer name that will display publicly on the app dev 4

6. Enter in your contact dev 7

7. Read the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Check the box confirming that you’ve read it, then click Continue. Make sure that the Apple ID information, entity type, and contact information are all correct, then click Continue.

8. Automatic Renewal is totally optional…

…but if you’d like to not worry about renewing your plan each year, feel free to check the box. Then click Purchase to move onto paying for your developer account.

apple dev 8

9. On the next page, sign in with your Apple ID.

apple dev 9

10. Fill in your billing information then click Continue to finalize your payment.

apple dev 10

11. Finish filling out the rest of the information on the rest of the screens.

Within 24 hours, Apple should send you an email confirming that your Apple Developer Account has been created successful. In order to let us publish your app on your behalf, you have to email with your Apple ID and password.

Please note:

In order to publish on your behalf to your iTunes account, we will need full access to your developer account. As such, we require YOUR username and password for your developer account. At this time, there is not a separate user permissions setting that will allow us to fully publish on your behalf. Thus, please be sure to send us your credentials once you have fully setup your account.

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